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Simply Escorts are in full support of the government plans to ‘stay at home’,‘protect the NHS’ and ‘save lives’. This is a time that has halted life as we know it and for good reason throughout the world.

This is hard on everyone in all walks of life. The impact will be untold but one thing for sure is that the British people will fight on and recover.

The escort world has come to a halt also as social meeting and gatherings have halted. We at Simply Escorts will be up and running once the lockdown has stopped.

This is a time for everyone to gather their thoughts and re-group. Think of those simple things in life and learn to appreciate them again. More importantly think about your loved ones and not to take them for granted. Be nice, be respectful, be a decent human being. Work is one thing as we all need to work but greed is another danger in itself. Have a look at yourself and decide what you want in life. Use this time to think and move on for the best. Use this time to reflect and use it to your advantage as best as you can.

Our escorts will be doing the same, having a rest, using their time productively. Although we are not actively working some escorts are using web cams to interact with clients. A very safe alternative. Some of our staff at Simply Escorts are using this service.

We at Simply Escorts wish all our clients future and past to be safe, be careful and we look forward to helping you all again soon.

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