Covid 19

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We at Simply Escorts wish the Prime Minister ‘Boris Johnson’ a full recovery for his illness after his intensive unit care. We are also deeply concerned for the welfare for all the ill people who have this horrific illness.

We are deep in sorrow for all the deaths in the UK and worldwide. Hopefully a vaccine will be solved soon to cure this horrific virus. Our thoughts are with all the families who have lost loved ones already.

As we are an escort agency we still have full compassion for all living human beings. We are a people business after all and humans like humans and we should engage and interact accordingly.

We at Simply escorts support the Covid 19 strategies to combat this horrible virus. Everyone needs to be cautious and consider others at all times. If we all work together we will beat this virus and by doing so Simply Escorts will be at your service once again.

Simply Escorts will be rareing to go once the lockdown is finished and if you need to contact us please call 0333 772 1704 or email us on

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