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Escorts Manchester

We have escort work in Manchester for male, female and trans escorts. Immediate vacancies for Manchester escorts offering great pay & solid backup.  Become a part of the best escort agency in the North West.

We are looking for Escorts:

That are 18+ years old
That are professional
That are career Escorts
That are happy to make outcalls
That are able to supply ID

What we offer you:

Guaranteed work
Great payment rates
Repeat Bookings
Be your own Boss – we supply the work
Professional Backup – we look after our own
Absolute Discretion Assured

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Simply Escorts is an established high class Agency for career minded escorts who want to work in and around Manchester. As a member of the Simply Escorts family, you will have the benefit of meeting affluent clients who are courteous and more than willing to commit to repeat booking for the right companion. Our clients are busy professionals with little time to socialise, but they do on occasion require the kind of relaxed fun that only a partnership between Simply Escorts and great companions can provide.


Our clients have different options to choose from when booking a date with one of our Escorts. These are the Bronze, Silver and Gold options and each comes with a minimum rate that can increase depending on the Escort and GF/BF experience required. Each rate comes with service and you will receive your pre arranged rate.

It is important to us as an agency that our Escorts are paid very well for their supplied services. We work hard for you in arranging meetings and keeping bookings in order, but we know that it is your professionalism and your dedication to your craft that satisfies the customer and ensures repeat bookings, that is why our arrangement fee will always be lower than your takings for a pre-booked date. 

One of our escorts working the weekend can easily earn over £1500 and it doesn’t take long before they get what we call ‘The Simply Escorts Look’; that confident attitude that sets them apart from other people in the room.  The clothes, the attitude, the professional demeanor that demands both respect and attention, and a certain amount of envy from some in the room.  Our Escorts turn heads, loosen wallets and make eyes flash green – their clothes are designer, their restaurants are five star and their christmas parties are wild!  Join our Simply Escorts family and enjoy a higher pay rate and a higher class of clients.

Escorts Manchester 2

Escorts we are looking to work with.

We are looking to partner with career driven male, female and trans escorts who know the importance of treating their escort work as their own private business and who are actively working hard to make that business succeed for a better life both now and in the future.

We like our escorts to be social chameleons that are able to fit into any situation; theatre, a day at the races, launch parties, wild glitter ball and foam parties, but who are also ready to provide a truly outstanding girlfriend experience when they sense the time is right. Tender attention and making sure that the client is fully satisfied with their service is the sure fired way our escorts secure regular repeat appointments.

You Are Exactly The Type Of Escort We Are Looking For.

There is a Jill for every Jack. When it comes to selecting an escort, our Client’s preferences are wide and varied. Some clients prefer slender escorts whilst others want to spend quality time with our more curvy men and ladies. Clients want to meet escorts from different ethnic backgrounds, different heights and different hair colour. Yes, you are the correct body shape to become a part of the Simply Escorts family. We can guarantee that once your profile goes live on our site, there will be a clients looking at your pictures and wanting to book that exciting first date.

Your Safety Comes First – Always.

Whilst we do not offer the service, we do recommend a good security firm to our Escorts who feel they would like a wing man to act as both backup and driver. Payment for security is strictly between yourself and the security firm, we do not get involved beyond the initial introduction. Whilst we vet our clients and do our best to make sure the best escort is paired with the best date for the optimal satisfaction on both sides, sometimes it’s nice to know you are not alone at the chosen meeting place.


It’s always your choice

For the date to be the best experience for both parties, you have to feel both confident and comfortable about the meeting. That is why we leave the final decision up to you. You will get to talk to the client before meeting. You will get to decide if you are happy to proceed after that call. We encourage you to walk away from the date at any time you are not happy with the situation. If you get to the venue and something feels off, anything at all, walk away immediately and call your security.

It’s very rare that you will need to call your security. Nearly all meetings with a client are satisfying, mutually beneficial and fun, but it’s nice knowing that both you AND the client are aware of your securities’ close proximity.

If you are an experienced Escort and feel you do not need any security, then all the better. Not having to pay for security can only be good for business. But still, for our piece of mind, we would like you to contact us to let us know you have arrived safely and you are happy to proceed.

Your Repeat Bookings.

Our escorts are well versed in the art of calming the nerves of clients that have never booked an escort before. Some clients will want them to lead, choose a time for the meeting, this is an ideal opportunity for our escorts to show their confidence and professionalism – taking charge and leading the client to a truly fulfilling and enjoyable date is a sure fire way to encourage repeat bookings.

Sometimes a client date goes so well that even though you have only just left them smiling and happy, they find they cant help themselves and are ringing us for a repeat booking. This is such a great place to be. Knowing that even before your week has started, that you already have appointments booked is a great piece of mind. There is also the advantage that you have already met the client and you know them and you know it’s going to be a fun time.

When speaking to clients, we will always plant the seed that you are open to repeat bookings if the initial meeting goes well. We will work with you on your diary to track your bookings, make sure you are not double booked and that clients are given slots that work well for both of you

The Amount Of Work We Can Supply In Manchester


We can supply you with as much work as you feel comfortable, but there a couple of things to take into consideration:


  1. A site profile.  A killer profile can really help drive clients to ring us to book your time.  In our experience, weaker profiles do not perform as well as one with a selection of great pictures and a few choice words from yourself explaining to the client what kind of experience they can expect.  A few words of promised intenta and a brief description of what you enjoy on a date can be just as effective as your pictures.  We can blur your face from the pictures if you require privacy. 
  2. Availability.  Early to mid week tend to be quiet.  Most of our calls come over the weekend.  If you can make yourself available for dates at the end of the week and you can work all weekend, we can supply you the clients to fill your time.

Our escorts that are able to work all weekend are amongst our most successful members, earning anywhere between £1500 and £2500 over from Friday night to Monday night.  Yes it’s hard work, yes it can be tiring, but as they tell us, ‘it’s good bank, and hey, I got the rest of the week off!’  We are not about to argue with that.  Having quality time off to recharge and maybe do some retail therapy with some of the weekend’s takings is an important part of being partnered with us here At Simply Escorts.


If you are a career escort who would like to be working with one of the best agencies in Manchester then fill out the form, send us your profile pictures and give us a call.  There is fun to be had and money to be made – lets do it together.

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