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We have vacancies for escort work in North Wales for male, female and trans escorts. Be a part of North Wales’s premier escort agency. We have immediate jobs for escorts and we provide great payment rates and professional backup. Give us a call today.

We are looking for Escorts:

That are 18+ years old
That are professional
That are career Escorts
That are happy to make outcalls
That are able to supply ID

What we offer you:

Guaranteed work
Great payment rates
Repeat Bookings
Be your own Boss – we supply the work
Professional Backup – we look after our own
Absolute Discretion Assured

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    Are you a career escort looking for a high class agency to supply you with escort work in North Wales? Simply Escorts is an agency with a reputation for working with the very best escorts in the area. As a member of the Simply Escorts family, you will have the benefit of meeting affluent clients who are courteous and more than willing to commit to repeat booking for the right companion.  Our clients have busy work loads with little time to hit the dating scene, but on occasion they do require the kind of intimate fun that only a partnership between Simply Escorts and great companions like yourself can provide.


    Here we offer a three-step program with bronze, silver and gold payment rates for Escort work in North Wales, from which you will be paid your agreed fee. We set a minimum fee for the client, but this price can increase (along with your fee) depending on the escort.

    These stages are for guaranteed service.

    While we look after getting the clients and the details of the date, we realise that it is the skill and dedication of our escorts that not only please the client but keep them making repeat bookings. As a result, our commission fee is low and you see yourself taking a larger share of the contract price. It is our company policy to make sure that our Escorts make top  money for the work they do, to succeed, to have a dominant presence when they enter a room that is borne from professionalism and a nice fat bank account. We all work hard so we can live at the top, dine five stars and only shop exclusive. Our escorts  earn over £1,500 if they put the time in over  the weekend. Increase the quality of your customers and amount of your fees by joining Simply Escorts


    We want to work with men, women and trans escorts in North Wales that want to work on a full time basis. We want to partner with  professional Escorts who are as dedicated as we are, Escorts that focus on providing an excellent service and who are wanting to improve their careers in their chosen business.  We have the experience and clients to make to see that you make the most of your time and increase your earnings.


    We love that our escorts are social chameleons who can adapt to any situation. When our escorts enter a room, conversations stop and heads turn. That level of professional confidence requires attention.  Our escorts are confident in any situation and slip into one of their many characters depending on the situation; open air opera, Shakespeare at the Grand, after concert parties, wild sparkling foam parties, all executed perfectly, but always follow the customer’s mood to see when they are ready to move to a GF/BF experience.


    Our clients’ tastes for an Escort in North Wales can differ wildly. Some clients choose a petite escort, while others want a more fuller figure. Customers want to spend time with Escorts from different ethnic backgrounds, different dimensions, different hair lengths and colors, even shoe size can be a deciding factor for a client.  So Yes, North Wales Escort you are perfect to become a great member of our Simply Escorts family. Our only prerequisite is that you are professional, confident and have that sexy sass that customers love.


    Simply Escorts is just an escort agency, we do not provide security, we are too busy working on your behalf booking clients and organising your dates; however, we recommend a great security company for our Escorts who would like some muscular backup who can also act as a driver. We are happy to acquaint both parties so they can strike up their own working relationship but that is as far as we go; you pay the driver when you have completed all your meetings. Our main task as an escort agency is to select the highest quality clients possible for our escorts so that both parties can enjoy the best possible dates as a result, but sometimes it’s good to know that your security is close by whilst you are in your meeting.



    In order for a date to be the best date possible for you and the client, it is very important to us that you are happy with the client that you have been introduced to and that you feel safe and comfortable at the meeting. You will always have the final say on whether the meeting is on or off. We want you to call the client before you come to the meeting to decide if this is the client you want to date. We encourage you to leave the meeting at any time if you are not happy with the situation. If something does not seem right about the customer or the place, don’t say anything, just leave and contact your driver. First and foremost, your safety comes first.


    Because we check out the clients before making a booking, it almost always happens that the date is a great time, but it does no harm for the client to know that your driver is close by.


    Have you been an escort for some time and feel that you don’t need a driver?  Then Great this is obviously a great money saver and if you have your own car then even better. However, we would like you to call us just before the date so that we know you have arrived safely and are happy to continue.


    There will be times when you come across a customer who is booking an escort before for the first time, a chance for you to practice your art in calming nervous  customers so they can fully enjoy the date. 



    There are times when a date goes so great that even though you have just left the client they are on the phone to us to make a repeat booking. We want customers to place repeat orders as much as you do, so we will always push the fact that you are open to repeat and even recurring bookings if the initial date goes well and you like the client. Recurring orders are especially good because you have already been there and you know what to expect and you know the customer.



    We want clients to repeat bookings just as much as you do, that is why we will always let it be known that you are happy to accept repeat bookings if the first date goes well.We will organise your diary so you are never double booked and that clients are given slots to maximise your time. 


    We have enough work in North Wales to keep your schedule full, but there are a couple of things that we would like to sort out.

    1. A site profile, an amazing profile that will really impress site visitors and get them reaching for their mobiles to book your time. You can only ever make a one first impression so your photos should be as beautiful as we know you are (we can pixelate your face if you need total privacy). When your pictures attract attention, follow with the words. Something penned by you that explains what you really like to do when meeting a client and what kind of GF/BF experience they can look forward to can really stimulate a clients wallet.
    2. An open Schedule.  Can you work on the weekends? Through the week can be a little slow. Most of your bookings will be at the weekend. If you are available all weekend, we know we can keep you working.

    Our weekend working Escorts typically earn between £1,500 and £ 2,500 and more for a Friday night to Monday shift. This means that your weekends will always be spoken for, but the upsides are great pay and your weekdays off to recharge. Having plenty of free time to relax and possibly indulge in some shopping with the weekends pay is a big part of partnering with Simply Escorts.


    Are you trying to take your North Wales escort career to a higher level? Do you want to improve your customers and increase the revenue? Then fill out the form, send us photos for your portfolio and ring us. It’s time to go to an executive agency where making money and  parties go together.

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