How to break the ice on a first encounter

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Meeting with an escort can be a very similar feeling to a first date. You may have exchanged messages, spoke on the phone; you may have had time to get to know each other online but we all know that it is different when you meet someone in person.

Meeting anyone for the first time can be a daunting situation. Some people are bound to feel nervous but when you meet an escort you want to guarantee you have a good night, so it is good to have a few tricks in your locker in order to break the ice on that first encounter.

The most important thing to remember is whenever you meet a new person, be interested in them. This means asking questions and showing interest in their lives. This makes them feel as though you actually care about meeting them. But there are a few nifty tricks to keep up your sleeve when meeting an escort for the first time.

  1.  Ask them about their profile

An escort’s website profile is where you are going to find out the most information about who you are meeting before you actually meet them. Their profile is a great insight into who they are as a person so make use of it.

Asking open ended questions around an escorts profile shows you’re interested in them and gives them a chance to explain more about their interests and hobbies etc.

  • Ask them how they unwind

For many escorts, business is business and they like to keep their private lives private. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them about that they like to get up, just don’t push too far for personal information if they aren’t comfortable with it.

Asking someone how they would spend their next day off will give you a good insight into what they are like as a person; are they going to spend it on the sofa bingeing Netflix, are they meeting up with friends for an evening of drinks or are they going on a 15 mile hike? Their answer will give you good further conversational topics, too.

  • Talk about holiday plans

Where people choose to go on holiday tells you a lot about a person. Therefore, it is good for both you and escorts in Chester to talk about holiday plans to open up conversation and get to know each other better. Chances are you’ll have somewhere in common you both love to travel to/want to travel.  

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