Is plastic surgery common for escorts?

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In any industry where image is an essential part of business obviously there is a very big temptation for people to go under the knife in order to boost their natural assets. From pornstars to catwalk models, escorts to glamour models, even newscasters and family TV show personalities, the appeal of plastic surgery is always there and, as with any type of surgery, it comes with risks to the potential benefits.

The ‘surgery look’ of unnatural shapes and sizes, especially on women, has grown into its own category as plenty of people do find it very attractive. There are still some, however, who think that the natural look is still the best and tend to steer clear of those who have had excessive amounts of plastic surgery done.

Obviously, with today’s advances in plastic surgery there are a lot of small procedures, whether it is simple Botox or a tummy lift that people can undergo that are imperceptible to most people. These days plastic surgery doesn’t have to be big and noticeable, it can also be subtle, so that nobody would be able to tell that they had surgery at all.

When looking for an escort, some clients want the natural look, some want someone who has had noticeable surgery, and some don’t mind either way. It is all down to the individual. This is why it is always a choice that escorts should not rush into before going under the knife.

Whilst plastic surgery has definitely seen an upswing amongst escorts I recent years, what with it becoming safer and more attainable it is important that an escort decides what kind of escort she wants to be and what type of clientele she wants to attract. Bigger lips and breasts and a smaller waist could help boost an escorts clientele but can also alienate others who prefer the natural look.

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