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The modern-day escort provides a wide array of experiences for their clients ranging from the everyday to the bizarre. With the escort industry booming, it is important that each taste and personality is catered for as more men and women turn to escorts for unique experiences and authentic interactions that they can’t find elsewhere.

These are a few of the most common escort experiences that our clients ask for at Simply Escorts:


What could be better than having all the perks of having a boyfriend or girlfriend without any of the downsides? The growing trend in the girlfriend/boyfriend experience is the most notable within the industry as it is now one of the most common requests amongst escorts.

Our escorts provide a unique and authentic GFE/BFE. Whether out on the town or curled up on the sofa at home, you can spend the evening as though they are your closest companion, experiences all the intimate connections of a loving relationship without you having to worry about the restraints that a relationship brings.

Pornstar Experience

Through escort services men and women are able to experience what it is actually like to spend time with a real life pornstar. Ex-pornstars and models who used to work within the industry have turned to escorting for new experiences and challenges, or simply the change of pace of being an escort. They can give their dates a real insight into the world of being a pornstar – a world which is otherwise out of bounds to many, all in a comfortable setting.

The girl/boy next door

Whilst some want the rugged experience of a fully fledged pornstar experience, some opt for the more understated experience of dating the gorgeous girl/boy next door. These are the cute-but-don’t-know-it, everyday people that could be your next-door neighbour except there is one small difference – they have a sexy, sultry side that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

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