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We have vacancies for escort work in Cheshire. We require male, female and trans escorts.  We have immediate openings for escort jobs that offer professional backup and great payment rates.  Be a part of  Cheshire’s  best escort agency, give us a call today.

We are looking for Escorts:

That are 18+ years old
That are professional
That are career Escorts
That are happy to make outcalls
That are able to supply ID

What we offer you:

Guaranteed work
Great payment rates
Repeat Bookings
Be your own Boss – we supply the work
Professional Backup – we look after our own
Absolute Discretion Assured

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    Are you a career escort looking for a high class escort agency in Cheshire? Simply escorts is an agency with a reputation for working with the very best escorts in the area. Our escorts have no problems gaining repeat bookings from our courteous clients that can comfortably afford to spend time with them in an intimate setting. Our clients are professional people who find it hard to spare the time to mingle with the social crowd, but like everyone, do require to relax with a partner of their choosing every once and a while. Join our Simply Escorts family and become one of the people our clients would like to spend regular time with.


    We have a 3 tier bronze, silver & gold payment service here at simply escorts, from which you will be paid your discussed rate. We do set a minimum charge to the client, but that price may rise depending on the escort, their experience and professionalism.

    Each of these tiers comes with 100% guaranteed service.

    Whilst we handle the sourcing of the clients and logistics of the meeting, we fully understand that it is the professionalism of our escorts that will not only keep the client happy but also keep them coming back for more; this is why you will find yourself taking the larger slice of the clients fee. It is important to us that our escorts make good money for their work. We all work hard for the lifestyle that we want and deserve, and because we are successful we eat at the best places, live penthouse and only shop designer. One of our escorts can easily make well over £1500 if they work the weekend. Joining us here at Simply Escorts will not only see the quality of your clients rise but also the fees that you will be taking home for each date.


    Are you a male, female or trans career escort? We are wanting to work with escorts in Cheshire who are as professional and dedicated as we are, escorts who have committed to providing their services full time and realise that for their business to grow, they need to work both smart and hard.

    When one of our escorts walks into a room, conversation becomes hushed and heads turn. Professional confidence demands attention. Our escorts are comfortable in any situation, swapping to one of their many personas that perfectly fits their current social / personal situation; circle at the opera, after band party, wild night club dancing, all conducted perfectly but always ready to provide that truly outstanding girl friend experience that will leave the client both satisfied and wanting to book more appointments.


    Our clients’ tastes vary when it comes to the escorts that they like to spend their time with. We all have our different preferences and whilst some clients choose escorts with a slender build, there are others that prefer lots of curves to feature in their date. Shape is not only the deciding factor; hair colour, ethinc background, height (and yes, even shoe size) can figure when clients are choosing a date for their ideal meeting. So yes, no matter your body dimensions, you are a perfect fit for us as long as you are professional, hard working and have that confident attitude that clients love!


    Simply Escorts is an escort agency only, we do not provide security, but we are very concerned about the safety and well being of our escorts, so we do recommend an excellent security firm to our members who want the piece of mind that comes with a professional security driver. We are happy to introduce both parties in the hope that they will work well together, but that is as far as we go; payment for the security service is strictly between the escort and their security person. One of our jobs as an escort agency is to pick the best quality clients for our escorts so that the best possible date and outcome can be enjoyed by both sides, but it can still be a source of comfort to know your security is close by.



    Meetings between client and escort in Cheshire should be relaxed and fun for both parties, and for that to happen it is important that you are happy with the client you have been introduced to. You will always have the final word on whether the meeting should take place or not. It is important to us as an agency that you ring the client prior to the date so that you can decide if this is a person you would like to meet. If at any time before or during the date you feel that there is something off about the person or the situation, walk away and call your driver. You and your safety comes first, there will always be other clients.

    Because we vet our client before an introduction it is almost always the case that the date is marked up as a great time by both escort and client, and having a security driver along is nearly always just a precautionary measure. But still, the client knowing that your security is close by can never be a bad thing and helps ensure that the ride is a smooth one.

    Some escorts have been pursuing their chosen career for quite a while and are confident enough in their craft and their own ability to not require any security. This clearly is a great money saver, and if the escort has their own transport then even better. But we do worry about our escort family, so if you do decide not to take a driver, please do call us to let us know all is well with the meeting and you are happy to date.

    Repeat Bookings From Regular Clients.

    There is a first time for everyone, and clients are no exception. For those clients who are experiencing booking an escort for the first time, a little extra TLC is required on your part. Our best escorts know full well how to calm the nervous client so that they can fully enjoy the experience; this may require you taking charge, setting the meeting place and the time and patiently explaining what they can expect from time spent with you and what you expect from them as a client you would be happy to revisit.


    Advanced bookings and repeat bookings are where all the gold at the end of the rainbow lives for an escort. Knowing ahead of time exactly how many meetings you have over a week or weekend, lets you plan your time efficiently. Repeat bookings are especially good because you have already been to the venue, know what to expect and know the client. With the experience of a few revisits with a client, you get to know them well, understand exactly what they require and get to know the things they like that may extend the date.


    As an agency, we know that our escorts would prefer a diary full of repeat bookings, so that is why we always warm the client up to the idea that repeat bookings could be possible if the date goes well and the escort likes them. We will organise your diary so you are never double booked.



    Simply Escorts are in a position to introduce you to as much escort work in Cheshire as you require to fill your diary, but we can only do that if we have a some things in place first:

    1. You will need a profile on the site, an awesome profile that will really wow the clients and have them scrambling for their phones to book your time.  Clients eat with their eyes, so your pictures have to be as knockout as you are.  Once your pictures have their attention, then come the words.  Something coming directly from you explaining what it is you really enjoy doing on a date and what kind of girl friend experience they can expect back in return can really get a client’s blood pumping. 
    2. Your diary and when you can work.  Can you work weekends?  Week days are quiet in the escorting world, its the weekends when the fireworks really start to fly and the real money is made.  If you can work all weekend, we can definitely keep you busy.

    As mentioned, our most successful escorts are those that can work a full weekend, starting Friday evening through to Monday, they are enjoying wages starting at £1500 that can go above £2500.  This is clearly a very busy few days with little down time, but our escorts enjoy the take home pay and also the time off through the week.  Being able to relax on the weekdays is important, especially if the weekends taking were good and you are in the mood to hit the shops.  This is the life, good company, good pay, the best parties and only the best retail.


    Are you a career escort in Cheshire looking to partner with an agency, then we want to hear from you.  Complete the form and attach your portfolio and give us a ring.  Lets make some money and have some fun, it’s there to be had, let’s take it together.

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