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Escorts Old Trafford, Exciting, Discrete, VIP Booking Only

Escorts old Trafford

We specialise in outcall escorts In Old Trafford, make a reservation and let one of our high class Old Trafford escorts visit you. Realise all your fantasies today.




Reserve some time with one of our beautiful escorts and let them drive you wild. Get ready for one of the hottest GF/BF E in Old Trafford. We are Simply Escorts.

We are a high class booking only Escort Agency in Old Trafford. Our female, male and trans escorts work hard to make sure you have the most outstanding date when they visit you. Be ready to see your fantasies made real with a special GF/BF experience that will have you breathless and wanting more.

We realise that choosing your escort is a very personal thing and that each of our clients tastes are as varied as the fantasies that each of them have, so we have made sure that we have Escorts from many different ethnic backgrounds,sexual orientation, shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Their individuality does not stop with their looks; they all have their own list of preferred services that they enjoy performing whilst on a date.

Do you have a particular preference when choosing an Escort for a meeting? Would you like a voluptuous escort who has curves in all the right places or maybe a slender athletic escort? We know that we can pair you with the ideal Escort for your date.

Meeting with an escort is about realising your fantasies, is there a fantasy that you would like to indulge in? Multiple partners perhaps? Striptease, domination, bedroom toys? We can supply them all to make sure you are fully satisfied. Are you undecided on what exactly you would like?. The best way to explore this wondrous world is with a professional who will happily show you what new experiences are on offer and leave you breathless and excited in the process.


Simply Escorts is an outcall service only agency. Our Escorts come to you for the meeting and are the professional you expect as they arrive and leave your meeting place quietly so they go unnoticed. At the beginning of the date your Escort will call her security to inform them that everything is in order as expected and that they will see them soon. This is the moment – it’s about to be meeting you will never forget.


You have looked through the site and have found an Escort that really grabbed your attention. It’s time to make a booking. Call us on the number above and our Old Trafford office will have a chat to you about your Escort’s open appointment slots. Simply Escorts is a booking only escort agency and our exclusive Escorts are busy and usually booked in advance, so try and be flexible with your time and day. We promise you, if you can’t see your chosen escort right away, it will be a date worth the wait.

If your chosen escort is sadly booked up, but time is of the essence (you may only be in town for a couple of days), we will discuss with you a list of substitute Escorts who would be of the same quality and professionalism.


Our Old Trafford Escorts never turn up to a date cold. It’s rude and it also rules out the chance for some pre date fun. Our Escorts will always call you to be sure that you can still make the meeting and then maybe whisper some naughty but fun sweet nothings in your ear to let you know that you are for one heck of a ride.

Be totally open with your Escort when they call, and make sure you have as much information about how you would like to date to proceed. Our Escorts enjoy what they do and are proud of their craft. Don’t be surprised if they make a few suggestions of their own. We are sure between the two of you, you will work out an awesome date.

If this escort is new to you, be sure that you formally introduce yourself and be sure to talk openly with them about what you would like to happen on the date. The more informed our Escort is, the more they satisfy you and fulfill your fantasy.


Is this your first foray into the world of Escorts? Our Escorts in Old Trafford have the skills to lead you through the experience in a way that your first trip to this secret and exciting world is a memory you will never forget. It’s ok to be nervous. Your Escort will take the time to bring you up to speed on the Escort dating etiquette, so that you can go right to the fun when the date begins proper.


You have your own secret preference as to what you enjoy in the bedroom, this is also true for your Escort. Our Escorts each have a list of services they love to engage in with a client. When booking with us at Simply Escorts Old Trafford, we always go out of our way to find you the perfect Escort who we know will truly ignite your desire and make sure you get to fully enjoy your own fantasy.

We have a lot of dealings with business people who require full service escorts to attend their private events they hold for their clients. They love having some of our Escorts in attendance to give the affair the flair that only they can deliver. They mingle with the guests helping the evening to be as successful as possible and at the same time, they are ready to provide an outstanding GF/BF experience if one of your clients desires it. Their tender mercies may just help you clinch that big deal…


If you discover that you are having the time of your life with your Escort and you would like to extend the date, don’t be shy, she will be flattered if you ask if they can stay a while longer. It will be at their usual booking cost, but when you are having this much fun, it is most definitely worth a little extra. Bare in mind though that we are rather exclusive and usually our Escorts do have pre bookings.


It’s not uncommon for our clients to call us directly after a date with one of our Escorts to book another appointment. Sometimes the connection and the fun was just that strong. We have clients that have rolling weekly bookings with our Escorts. They are busy with full lives and they know when the week’s pressure valve will be screaming. Enter their weekly Simply Escorts date and all of a sudden, the world makes sense again. If you feel that connection and this sounds like you, call us to discuss our regular bookings.
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