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We can offer you high class escort work in Liverpool. Female/trans/males looking for Liverpool escort work – call us. Exclusive clients. Booking only.

We want Escorts:

That are 18+ years old
That are professional
That are career Escorts
That are happy to make outcalls
That are able to supply ID

What you get:

Guaranteed work
Great payment rates
Repeat Bookings
Be your own Boss – we supply the work
Professional Backup – we look after our own
Absolute Discretion Assured

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    Simply Escorts is an exclusive agency for top professional Escorts looking to work in and around Liverpool. As a member of Simply Escorts, you will benefit from being introduced to selected clients who are polite and willing to repeat meetings with the right Escort. Our clients are busy and have little time for the dating scene, but sometimes they need relaxed pleasure as only a partnership of Simply Escorts and great Escorts can provide.


    We have a three step system: bronze, silver & gold, from which you will be paid your contracted rate. There is a minimum charge to the client, and that amount may rise depending on you, your experience and  your professionalism.

    The above includes service.

    We are your support team and our job is to find you customers and set dates, times and venues, but we understand that it is the commitment and professionalism of our Escorts that will not only please the customer but also encourage them to book again; therefore you will be taking the higher share of the customer’s fee. We always put our Escorts first and foremost and it has always been our policy to ensure that our escorts benefit well from their work. We all work hard so we can live in the best places, have dinner in the best restaurants and go shopping without worrying about price tags. Our escorts regularly earn more than £ 1,500 on weekends. By joining us here at Simply Escorts, you will see that the quality of your customers increases as your rate you charge increases.


    Unfortunately we can not provide security for you, we are too busy ensuring that customers are booked and that meetings run smoothly; However, we can point you in the right direction of a good security company who are happy to be both your driver and security. You will deal with paying your driver directly, we do not participate in payments. We work hard to ensure that our customers are nice people, and that you are paired with the most appropriate client to ensure optimal satisfaction for the both of you. But sometimes it’s good to know your driver is nearby whilst you are with your client.



    As an agency it is important for us that both the client and the Escort have the best time possible, therefore it is very important to us that you are happy with the client you have been matched with. The end decision will always be up to you, you always have last say over whether the meeting goes ahead or not. We want you to call the client before meeting so that you can decide if this sounds like a client you want to work with. You always have the option to leave at any time during the date. If you do not like something about the client or venue where you are meeting, just leave and call your security. Your safety and happiness are what’s important here. We want you to enjoy the people you are paired with and you can only do that if you are 100% comfortable.


    Your Security is a backup that is hardly ever used outside of driving. Almost all meetings are fun for everyone involved, but there is nothing wrong with the client being aware that your security is close by.


    Have you been working on your escort career for a while? You may feel that you know enough about the job to not need security. Not needing security is clearly a great money saver, and if you have your own car then even better. But your professionalism will not stop us worrying about you, so if you don#t take security, call us and let us know that you are ok with your date and the place.


    We want to provide escort work in Liverpool to career-oriented men, women and trans escorts who are committed to making their Escort career work as a successful company. If you are already working hard to achieve this goal, we want to work with you. We have the expertise and the clients to ensure that you maximize your profit potential.


    When one of our Escorts enters the room, the speech drops to a whisper and heads turn. Confident and professional, their very presence  demands attention. You know how good it feels. Our escorts retain their that powerful aura  in every situation as they slip into one of the many personalities to fit perfectly in their current surroundings; Classic string by candle light, after concert party, a wild dance at a nightclub, everything done smoothly, but always keeping an eye on the  client to see when they would like to move to an outstanding GF/BF experience.




    Everyone’s tastes differ when it comes to choosing an escort for a date, some clients choose a slender escort, while others want a more full bodied escort. It is not just body shape; Customers have different likes when it comes to ethnic background, hair colour and an Escorts height can be a deciding factor when a client chooses a partner. So worry not, you have the perfect dimensions needed to work with us, all we need is you be professional and want to make good money.

    Repeat Bookings From OUR BEST Clients

    Sometimes you meet a client who has never been with an escort before. All our Escorts know how to calm these shy customers so that they can truly enjoy their first time. Some clients want to know the ground rules so as not to ruin the date.  It is an ideal opportunity for you to take control and let your experience bring the date to a truly satisfying and pleasant conclusion that will encourage the customer to make repeated bookings.


    Reservations made in advance and repeated bookings are made of pure gold for escorts. Knowing beforehand exactly what your diary will look like next weekend will allow you to really plan your time effectively. Rebookings are great because you have already seen the place and you have already met the client and you knew exactly what they are like. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know the client so that you can learn exactly what they need. An escort who really knows their client has a far better chance to get repeat bookings and extended time.


    We want customers to repeat their bookings just like you, so we always let the client know that you’ll be happy to accept further dates if the first meeting is a success. We will organise your diary from our end to ensure that you never crossed booked and that customers are given appointments that maximize your time.


    We have enough work to introduce you to as many clients in Liverpool as you need to fill your working hours, but we require you to have a couple of things before hand:

    1. Your Simply Escorts site profile.  You will need a fantastic profile that will really grab the clients attention and have them call us wanting to know your availability.  Clients first contact with you as an escort will be your pictures on your profile, so your pictures need  to be as awesome as you are.  Once your photos have grabbed their attention, then you can seal the deal with a sultry quote directly from you, explaining what you really look forward to on a date and what exactly you like to do when delivering your own personal  girlfriend experience.
    2. A free diary.  Are you available weekends?  Week days can be slow, it’s the weekends when clients are really wanting to date and that is when the real money is made.  If you can work all weekend, we can fill your diary.

    Our escorts who work weekends can get between £1,500 and £2,500 and more for working from Friday night to Monday night. Yes it’s a hell of a shift, but in their words: “There is a lot of money and I can take my weekdays to myself!” It sounds good to us and it is good to know that we have done our job well and they are happy . Having time to take a break with friends to recharge and hit town with weekends takings is an important part of living your Escort life.

    Do you want to take your escort career in Liverpool to the next level by working with an agency? Then we want to hear from you. Fill out the form and give us the ring.  Welcome to the family, grab a glass of champers!

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