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We have escorts in Liverpool ready to visit you. Call us to fulfill your wildest fantasies and book one of our high class Liverpool escorts today. We offer a full outcall service with some of the most beautiful escorts in the North.


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Do you want to spend time with an escort who will leave you breathless whilst delivering an outstanding GF experience? Then hello from Simply Escorts.

Simply Escorts is a top tier, appointment only, Liverpool escort agency. Our escorts are highly skilled ladies, men and trans, who delight in bringing you the very best intimate company that will leave you fully satisfied but wanting more. Professional, gifted escorts can make an hour seem like a lifetime of sexual fantasies fulfilled.

We have provided top quality Escorts to our high class clients for long enough to know that each of you have your own tastes when it comes to booking a date for the evening. Some of you require buxom and energetic with lots of curves, whilst others want slender and shy. Maybe it’s a sexy cougar you desire, to seduce a younger you in a bout of hot first love role play. No matter what your requirements, our escorts are here for you and ready to please. You are not restricted when it comes to racial backgrounds either. From sultry afro caribbean escorts to the fire and ice that comes with dating one of our eastern european escorts. Liverpool is a culturally diverse city and our escorts reflect that and are able to deliver the exact girlfriend experience that you secretly desire. They will get to know you, tease out of you your most secret fantasies and then leave you fully satisfied and arranging a repeat booking.

Here at Simply Escorts we are proud of the fact that we can provide you with Escorts that will make you truly happy. Our clients enjoy the freedom to explore their wildest sexual fantasies with Escorts who are as enthusiastic as they are. What secret desires would you like to discuss? Is it a 3 in a bed romp? Do you want to watch? Or be watched? Would you like to chat with our escorts about some of their more interesting toys? We have escorts that perfectly match your ideal date and can’t wait to help make your fantasies real.


An outcall is when an escort comes to you. Our Escorts will come to meet you at a venue that you will decide and will exercise the utmost discretion when arriving and departing from your property. They are willing to meet you at your home, your office, your hotel room. The best Escort dates are usually the ones where both you and the Escort are fully relaxed and comfortable with the place you are meeting, so after the friendly introductions your escort will let their security driver know that they are happy with your venue and then your date can begin in earnest.

It is quite natural for you to offer your Escort a drink either before or during your date, after all it’s only polite, but some Escorts don’t drink, or they leave their alcohol socialising until after their evening has ended. Do not be offended by this, this is your Escort being professional and wanting to stay focused on you so that they can deliver the best date you’ve ever had.


The best way to book an escort is to give us a ring here at Liverpool Simply Escorts. If one of our Escort catches your eye and you are excited about what they offer, have a chat with us to arrange a booking. There is something very exciting about finalising your booking with Simply Escorts – that certain knowledge that very soon something rather magical and exciting is about to happen.

It is not always the case that you pick the escort first. It may well be that the actual Escort is not as important as the fulfillment of the fantasy. Chatting with our staff about exactly what it is that you require from your date will help them narrow down our excellent Escorts to the ones most suited to delivering you with the maximum amount of pleasure and fulfilment. It is a mark of pride with both us and our Escorts that most clients want to re book to relive the experience. So do make sure we know exactly what you want to chat with our Escorts about, from sexual orientation, body shape,ethnic background to any special role play and the number of Escorts you require for your date. There is no limit to the amount of fun and enjoyment our Escorts can deliver to you.

Be prepared for our escorts to be booked. We operate on an appointment only and very rarely are they immediately available. Our clients know to book in advance as they know that our Escorts are worth the wait and that the anticipation that comes with waiting and its inherent tease are most definitely part of the fun.


Our Escorts like to call their clients before meeting, a little ice breaker so that they can introduce themselves and get to know you a little better before the date. There may be some pre meeting flirting and whispered promises, this is all part of the fun and prelude to a date that no doubt will be one of the best you have ever had.

The call will also be a way to make sure that the details they have been passed about the booking are correct so that they can be fully immersed and ready to be the escort you are expecting. Both Simply Escorts Liverpool and our Escort want this to be a date you will never forget.

If you have never met this escort before, make sure that you introduce yourself and chat with them openly about your requirements and also any last minute changes that you may have. The more information you can give your Escort, the more they are able to deliver you your ultimate fantasy.


If this is the first time the first time that you have met with an Escort, you will probably find that you are unsure of what exactly to expect. Worry not, our Escorts in Liverpool are well versed in the art of meeting with new clients and will go up and beyond the call of duty to make sure that your first time is one that you will never forget. Our Escorts are professional and will let you know what the etiquette is for the meeting before you start.It’s an exciting time, meeting with a beautiful, mysterious escort for the first time; one that may open up a new menu of possibilities for you. The important thing is to relax, submit yourself to the tender professional care of your chosen Escort and have fun!


Each of our clients enjoys different things when meeting with an Escort, but this is also true of our Escorts working in Liverpool. Each of them provide different services that they really enjoy delivering to a client whilst engaged in a girlfriend experience. Simply Escorts takes pride in matching the perfect Escort with the perfect client; it is very important to us that both you and our Escorts enjoy your time together so that you will both want to meet again.

All our Escorts personally guarantee an outstanding GF experience, but that is not the total breadth of their talents. As skilled and professional as they are in a date environment, they are equally at home being your beautiful date at the theater, your +1 at a swanky cocktail party, your dinner date at a top restaurant. Our Escorts are happy to fill any role you need.

The most stunning partner at any event could be yours, watch those heads turn!

Many Liverpool businesses find a need to entertain guests and provide them with an exclusive Escort. Sometimes it’s just to provide arm partners for business dinner dates, other times it is to act as hostesses at a social gathering or business event. Our escorts are beautiful and can cater for any situation and are more than happy to offer a girlfriend experience to your clients upon request, especially if it helps you clinch that big contract.


Some dates with your Liverpool escort are so good that you just don’t want the night to end. If you find this is the case, by all means ask your escort if they can extend their time at their usual rate. Please do be aware though that your escort may be pre booked with another client and won’t be able to extend, but if they are not booked then let the fun continue!


No matter how much fun you have with your Escort, there will come a point where you have to part, but this does not have to be a forever parting. Our Escorts in Liverpool are more than willing to accept repeat bookings from clients that they have enjoyed spending time with. Just give us a call here at Simply Escorts and we will let you know exactly when your chosen escort is next available. Some of our clients have a rolling appointment for a certain time on a certain day with the same escort. You know who you have fun spending time with, make it a regular thing.
  • Nicole

  • Abby

  • RIO

  • Porsche

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