How does an escort decide on a client?

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The process of selecting the right escort in which to spend time with is an important aspect that takes time. What few people think of at the time is that it is also important for the escort to choose the right client for them. It isn’t just the client choosing the right escort for themselves that’s important.

After all, whatever reason for choosing to become an escort, they want to ensure that they are safe and are going to have a good time when they meet with their clients. Here, we take a look at some of the ways in which escorts choose their clients:


The first step in meeting with an escort is giving some personal details over to an escort agency. Some of this information is just basic contact info, but there will also be questions that aim to let them know more about you; your likes/dislikes, personality traits; are you introverted or extroverted? Do you like to go to big parties or relax at home?

The screening process also allows boundaries to be set where both client and escort can discuss exactly what they want from the rendezvous.


Transport costs will be factored into a meeting, especially if your escort has to travel a long way. A lot of escorts will decide if a meeting is worth it to them if they have to travel far which is why most will try and stay local to a certain city or area.

Escorts won’t treat you as though you are their personal driver; you don’t have to collect them they will meet you at the chosen location. But if you want to meet up with an escort then it is best to check their location first, so they won’t have to travel too far.


If a client has a bad attitude, is too pushy, is rude or unreasonable on any meeting then that escort will choose not to spend time with them in the future. No body deserves to be treated badly at work, even escorts, so don’t expect a repeat visit if you don’t treat them respectfully the first time.

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