How to save money on hotel stays

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If you’re looking to book a quick one-night getaway in Chester then it can sometimes be difficult to get a room at a nice hotel. If you want to spend that great night with a special someone then there are a few tips you can follow to get the best prices on rooms at hotels no matter where you travel.

Make use of hotel apps

Loyalty is one thing that hotels reward very efficiently. Whilst this used to mean you had to pick up the phone and book direct with the hotel each and every time, now they have apps dedicated to recording your stays, building points and earning free stays. You can even book your stays using the app; opening up a first-choice option for loyal customers to book cheaper rooms before anyone else.

Last Minute Deals

Booking ahead of time can help you find a deal on a room, but what happens when you need a room for tonight and don’t have anything booked? You shouldn’t be punished with sky-high hotel room prices for wanting a last-minute getaway.

Booking a last-minute room can be a little risky if a hotel doesn’t have any cancellations. Every Chester hotel is notoriously difficult to book on a Chester Races’ weekend, for example. However, most hotels on a normal weekend will see a number of cancellations resulting in empty rooms that the hotel will want to fill, even if it means offering them up at a reduced rate.

Consider a business focused hotel

Resort style hotels are more expensive in general when compared with a hotel that sees most business from corporate stays. If you need a room for a night, these types of hotels usually offer cheaper hotel rooms at the weekend as it is weekdays which are considered peak dates for them. Some of these hotels are also very well positioned in relation to city centres, restaurants and bars – making for a perfect option for escorts in Chester.

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