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What not to do when visiting an escort

What not to do when visiting an escort

Posted by Simply Escorts in Simply Escorts News

Meeting an escort for the first time is a unique experience. Because it is so unique, many people misunderstand how they should act when the day finally arrives. Escorting is a job like any other, so it is important that they are treated with respect.

We see a lot of ways that people definitely shouldn’t behave, and things they definitely shouldn’t do on a regular basis. So, to make sure that your first visit means you leave as an escorts new favourite client, rather than their latest nightmare, here is a list of the things you should definitely NOT do when visiting:

Don’t demand an appointment

Your chosen escort may already be booked up to see other guests this week. Most escorts tend to operate on a first come first served basis so don’t try and cut the queue and demand that they see you as soon as possible. Most meeting are organised in advanced to avoid the hassle of trying to organise a last-minute rendezvous, making sure everyone is satisfied with the arrangement.

Don’t get drunk or force them to have a drink

A little bit of Dutch courage is normal; after all, a first meeting can make people a little nervous and one drink can help you unwind. But don’t get drunk to the point where you are not going to be able to enjoy yourself or make your escort feel uncomfortable. Not all escorts choose to drink, so don’t insist on them joining you for a drink either, they will let you know if they want to share a drink with you.

Don’t get too personal

Whilst you should have some conversational topics in mind it is important that you don’t push with questions that are too personal. They may not want to share too much of their personal lives or share personal details. Keep conversation light and flowing but don’t ask your escort anything that may make them feel uncomfortable.

Don’t be disrespectful

A meeting with an escort can be an intimate affair which can often lead people to offer them an ‘escape’ from this life. It is something that people often say to escorts with the best intentions but is extremely disrespectful for someone who has chosen to be an escort as their career.

Don’t make comments about their appearance or personality unless it is to compliment them. Escort websites have clear profiles of all their escorts, with images, so you can choose one you will get on well with before you even meet in person.

If you want to meet one of our escorts in Chester, visit our website today for more information on our available times and dates.

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